Upgrades &



+ Scrapbook $100

+ Idle hr per hr $50

+ Extra usb w/images $75

+ Extra coverage Time(hr) $150

+ Special moments photo Props $75

+ Extra photo strip(1) per sitting $100 

+ Extra sticker strip(1) per sitting $125

^ Upgrade to sticker photo strips $200

+ Enlarged print w/frame $25-$150

+ Distance travel  $150

(30mi or greater from 60425)




  • Booth for 3hrs w/host
  • 2 photo strips per sitting
  • disc with all images
  • custom designed border




  • Booth for *3hrs w/host
  • 2 photo strips per sitting
  • disc with all images
  • premium scrapbook option
  • online photo gallery
  • fun moments photo props
  • custom designed border




Serving NorthWest Indiana and the Chicagoland area with the best event photobooth around.

Wedding Photography, Family Reunions, Bar Mitzvahs, Retirement Parties, Graduations, Sweet Sixteens, Corporate Events

Million Dollar Moments

Package Pricing

What do you need to make your event as special as possible???

With Million Dollar Moments Photobooth you will receive the most exceptional service for your special event.  My job is to make sure that you have no worries and your guest will have the best experience with the photobooth. Our booth is very user friendly with the 19" touch screen display on the inside and a high quality 19" display monitor outside of the booth for guest viewing and excitement. The exterior display will help your guest to see the fun that others are having inside and motivate them to take part in the excitement. We also include 1 hr of idle hr for free with the Premium, Deluxe, and Premier packages.  We are also the only Chicagoland company serving NW Indiana with the premium photo sticker prints so, give us a call.


  • Booth for *4hrs w/host
  • 2 photo strips per sitting
  • usb drive with all images
  • deluxe scrapbook option
  • custom designed border
  • online photo gallery
  • Red Carpet
  • fun moments photo props



Photo Booth Rental

Million Dollar Moments Photography Photobooth is all about the moments. We will provide you with a premium photobooth equipped with a professional DSLR Camera and high quality Dye-sub printer along with lighting, a 19" touch screen monitor for easy use inside the booth and a 19" monitor on the exterior for guest viewing.  The booth design is a sleek and modern style for a seamless presentation which allows for easy transformation to an open air photobooth set up.  Great photo booth rental and albums for events, wedding albums and engagement photo shoot ideas as well.

         So, let's just say that you're having a wedding at a beautiful banquet or chateau with aesthetic architechtural design and fountains which you would like to capture in your moments. we will be able to transform the photobooth in order to highlight your special vision for your guest and their experience so that they can always remember how beautiful your day was.  This is your day and we are here to make it as special and memorable as possible.



  • Booth for *5hrs w/host
  • 3 photo strips per sitting (sticker prints)
  • usb drive with all images
  • premier scrapbook option
  • modern photo frame (with enlarged print to fit frame)
  • online photo gallery
  • fun moments photo props
  • Red Carpet
  • your selection of backdrop 
  • custom design border for printouts